Live Green

Fully furnished living room and kitchen at the Flats in The Arlington Poughkeepsie

The Arlington has been designed as a Green Development with emphasis on sustainability, energy efficiency and shared outdoor green areas. The Arlington will achieve high performance in six key areas:

  • Lot design & development
  • Resource efficiency
  • Water efficiency
  • Energy efficiency
  • Indoor environmental quality
  • Building operation & maintenance

woman in their later 30's running around wearing a blue sweater

Lot Design & Development icon

Lot Design & Development

The Arlington site was designed to allow tenants to interact with nature. Landscaping was intentionally planned with 100% native plantings and an emphasis on low water usage.

Resource Efficiency icon

Resource Efficiency

From repurposing building structure, to choosing finishes, all resources were carefully considered during every step of construction. A few examples include: usage of UL Greenguard Gold Certified anti-microbial countertops made of recycled materials, GreenFiber insulation, and smart sensor heat pumps.

Water Efficiency icon

Water Efficiency

By installing high-pressure, low-volume water systems throughout the residences at The Arlington, we significantly reduce water usage. You won’t even feel the difference – you’ll just use less water! Landscaping was also designed with low water usage in mind.

Energy Efficiency icon

Energy Efficiency

All appliances – including refrigerators, dishwashers, washers, and dryers – were meticulously chosen to meet high energy standards. While these appliances typically consume huge amounts of energy, the models installed at The Arlington are designed to deliver high performance while using less energy.

Indoor Environmental Quality icon

Indoor Environmental Quality

The Arlington offers a beautiful and comfortable indoor environment focused on healthy living. Extra steps were taken to ensure your home here is a healthy haven, starting with the oversized windows that let in lots of natural light. HVAC systems ventilate directly outside, so you don’t share ventilated air with your neighbors. Construction materials – including insulation, caulk, and countertops – were sourced with low Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs).

Building Operation & Maintenance icon

Building Operation & Maintenance

High-efficiency heat pump HVAC systems and water heaters ensure that the property will remain comfortable and energy efficient for the future. Smart technology is used to track and prevent maintenance issues early in the process. As a carbon neutral ready property, The Arlington is built ready to connect to the Grid of the Future.